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Clinical Pharmacy and Diagnostics
Department für Klinische Pharmazie und Diagnostik

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Contact information

Department of Clinical

Pharmacy and Diagnostics

University of Vienna

Althanstraße 14

A-1090 Wien, Austria

Tel.: +43-1-4277-555-01

Fax: +43-1-4277-9551


Our mission

Clinical Pharmacy is that area within the pharmacy curriculum which investigates by chemical methods the fate of drugs in the body. A clinical pharmacist is therefore a health care provider with a broad chemical knowledge promoting the effective, safe and rational use of drugs by the individual and by the society. Three main topics of Clinical Pharmacy, namely metabolism, pharmacogenetics, and pharmacokinetics, are therefore important research fields in our department. While metabolism and pharmacokinetics strongly influence drug concentration, pharmacokinetics describes the time dependent fate of a drug from absorption until elimination (ADME). Besides known drugs already established on the market, we also investigate the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of various natural and synthetic compounds. As many flavour and fragrance compounds possess pronounced physiological and/or pharmacological activities we do also include these natural plant constituents (mainly terpenes) in our in vitro and in vivo assays. An increasing part in our research activities also deals with the establishment of novel and sensitive diagnostic arrays for future applications in humans. In combination with Clinical Pharmacy, Diagnostics helps to increase efficacy of drug therapy.

Current research objectives and research focus of the department

Cooperators: Jäger, Czejka, Farkouh, Böhmdorfer, Salamon, Riha, Höferl

Cooperators: Stappen, Höferl, Jirovetz, Buchbauer, Friedl

Cooperators: Jirovetz, Krist, Stappen

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