PSWC 2007

Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 22-25, 2007

EUFEPS Afternoon Session

Pharmaceutical Sciences In-Silico Learning Systems: Value and Availability



Norbert Haider, University of Vienna (AT)


Stephen Moss, University of Bath (UK)
Computer applications in pharmaceutical education and research

Alexander Vögtli, University of Basel (CH)
pharmasquare - Blended Learning in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Thierry Langer, University of Innsbruck (AT)
PharmXplorer, an integrated platform for e-learning in pharmaceutical sciences

From the announcement:

Academic education in the pharmaceutical sciences is facing a rapidly increasing amount of available information (new insights, latest research results, emerging new disciplines) which has to be turned into profound knowledge, excellent theoretical and practical skills, and decision-making capabilities of our students and graduates. State-of-the-art information technology is becoming increasingly important in making teaching/learning processes more efficient and, moreover, this technology has the potential to strengthen the classical link between scientific research and education. Today, employment of instruments and environments known as “in-silico learning”, “computer-aided learning”, “eLearning”, or ”blended learning” is going to grow from scattered pilot projects, initiated by a few pioneers, into larger initiatives on a regional, national, and increasingly international level, especially in the pharmaceutical sciences.

The session will focus on such larger “in-silico learning” initiatives, demonstrating how these instruments can be used in various scenarios. There will be an opportunity to discuss if and how undergraduate as well as post-graduate pharmaceutical education can benefit from these new developments. Lectures including some “live” demonstrations will be given by three renowned experts in the field:

Stephen H. Moss is senior lecturer in Pharmaceutical Biology at the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Bath (UK). Steve has been engaged in the PCCAL project (Pharmacy Consortium for Computer Aided Learning) which has produced many popular educational software packages (

Alexander Vögtli is a young scientist at the Institute of Molecular Pharmacy, University of Basel (CH). Alex is a core team member of the award-winning educational project, pharma2 [pharmasquare] (

Thierry Langer is professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and head of the Computer Aided Molecular Design Group at the Institute of Pharmacy, University of Innsbruck (AT). Thierry is one of the founders of the educational project, PharmXplorer (

session sponsor: Österreichische Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft / Austrian Pharmaceutical Society

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